image_2 Get Rid of Your Money Worries

Want to be free of financial worries? Want be able to pay your bills stress free,  pay off your debt, eliminate your mortgage, stop worrying about retirement and face it without any ‘lack of money’ related stresses , set an example for your children and have money to fund your God-given dreams?

You can start the journey to mastering your money and creating wealth irrespective of your income.  You don’t have to remain stuck, you can  change your money mindset and habits, and eliminate your financial struggles.

It’s time to put your personal finances in a better shape.  Start saving more money and making more money.  Start making the shift from scarcity to financial abundance today.

image_3 Make More Money

Tired of not having enough money to take care of your family?   Want to create other income sources so that you can achieve financial freedom?  Want more money to help those in need and invest in the Gospel?

The good news is that you can start making more money using the knowledge and expertise you already have.   We’ll help you get started by helping you find profitable income generating ideas and help you turn your ideas into money making information products, such as home study courses, books,  eBooks, audio and video programs or online courses etc.  Great information product can even to continue to generate a passive income for you well into your retirement.  Get started today!

image_1 Free up Your Time & Live Your Dreams

Want to transition out of your 9-to-5 job and live your God-given dreams without any ‘Lack-of-money’ related stresses? Want to achieve not just financial freedom, but freedom of time to work on realising your purpose?  Want to maximise  your time and the amount of value you share with others in a scalable, location-free way?

Learn how to maximise your time, impact and income potential. Create money making information products, build a scalable business and reach a much greater range of people without adding more physical hours to your day.

Learn how to support yourself financially through work that you are passionate about, and leave your 9-5 on your own terms.


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Davida Yemi-Akanle

Davida is passionate about helping Christian women get rid of their money worries.  She teaches them how to make more money whilst freeing up their time to live their God-given dreams.



I feel more valuable, thanks to you! I  realised, I was underselling myself and services, but now I am able to charge what they are worth. I see myself in a new light from working with you and I have learnt to carry myself in that way. I’ve learnt to place a high value on myself, my time and what I do, I don’t give my services out for nothing like I used to.

Temitope Ashamu ~ Business Coach

“After struggling for many years to write my book, Davida helped me to write and publish 4 of them. We are working on the  5th one.

With Davida’s support and encouragement, my book ministry was birthed.”

Gbemisola Olayinka ~ Gbemisola Olayinka Ministries

“Davida helped give clarity to my kernel of an idea and pointed out the potential pitfalls that I needed to research before putting forth the effort in formalizing a business. I further appreciate her kingdom focused mindset, making sure I’m obedient to God’s calling upon my life. Davida is not only knowledgeable but supportive and her desire is that I am prosperous in whatever God has assigned for me to do.”

Jasmine Detroit