Successful Marketing and Selling is a Mindset


Get Out There, Meet People and the Sales Will Follow?

Yesterday I made this comment in our Kingdom Wealth Creation Facebook group:

“Get out there, meet people and have conversations; as you have these conversations the sales will follow.”

There was a reason why I made the statement, and the reason was this: over a short period of time, I noticed an interesting pattern, a few people had asked to meet up with me and when I  did, this is exactly what happened:  I came back home with a sale.

I made this observation and shared this with the Kingdom Wealth Creation family, but one of the group members wanted to know a bit more.

They wanted to know how I turned  the conversation into a sale, and they also wanted to know how this could be done without being “Salesy.”

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Marketing a Home BusinessLet me explain…

When I went out to meet these people, and I must mention that this was on a few different occasions,  I wasn’t going out to make a sale. I was going out to meet them because they reached out to me wanting to meet with me.

I had genuinely gone out because I felt they had a need that they thought I could meet, I’m not only a business person, I’m a minister as well.  So in my case I wasn’t trying to steer the conversation in any particular direction, I was genuinely engaging with them.  And as we spoke, the conversation uncovered a need they were looking to have met.

And guess what?

It so happened that I had a product or service that could meet their uncovered need.  But what if I didn’t, I probably would have referred them to someone who could help them, and this is something we tend to do all of the time.

Sales ~ An Everyday Opportunity

On a daily basis during our everyday conversations with the people that we meet, there are loads of possibilities for sales transactions to be made.

Everyday single day is loaded with these possibilities, but are we present when they present themselves?

Life is filled with problems, and people have them.  People have not just one problem, they have many.  People also have aspirations, they have ideals they’re aspiring to.

Oftentimes these problems (or rather challenges as I’d prefer to call them) or aspirations are business opportunities in the making.  We often don’t see them and are not able to harness them when they present themselves.

But we must be ready to capture these opportunities when they are uncovered and when they become exposed through our conversations.

“Get out there, meet people and have conversations; as you have these conversations, the sales follow.”

You can now see how valuable this statement is to you as a business owner.

What I’ve noticed is that once you tell people what you do, and they have a problem that your expertise can solve, they naturally tell you their problem and expect some guidance from you. You can give them some of this help upfront, but if they want to be properly helped a step by step program that you have may be more appropriate, so let them know that.

So, “How can you sell without being salesy?”

I’d say:  present the solution that you have, make them aware of the options available to them, let them make a choice, but don’t push it.

So is the there a step by step process one can follow to achieve the same results?

In my case, in the instances I described above they generally tended to go this way, with some variation on some occasions:

  • Relationship
  • Exposure
  • Being seen as the friendly expert
  • Meet up
  • General conversation
  • Help sought
  • Free advice given
  • More structured help required
  • Sale.

Don’t Just Go After the Sale!

We shouldn’t be after the transaction, people who are, often use hard selling strategies to get the sale, but lose the long term benefit of having a healthy relationship with the client that can blossom into so many different things.

The focus should be on building and nurturing the relationship, and if your help is needed then you can share how you help. And if the person you’ve gone out to meet is someone who you already have a relationship with, where there is a level of trust already built, all the better, that makes sharing the value you can offer much easier.

They’ll know you are not just out to sell, but that you genuinely have their interest at heart.

Successful Marketing and Selling is a Mindset

Marketing a Home BusinessSuccessful marketing and selling is a mindset, you need to make sure that you have the right paradigm; in my Book Marketing a Home Business 102 I share more on how you can convert more prospects into buying customers and increase profits by focusing on your long-term relationship with your client.

  • Cindy

    What a refreshing article! I am a firm believer in building relationships. Sales will naturally follow from this process. I always look to serve first in some capacity and build that relationship for the long term, versus the transactional approach.

    • Davida Yemi-Akanle

      Yes Cindy, we must value people and our relationship with them. when we go for the transactional option, we go for the golden egg forgetting that it’s the goose that keeps producing the golden egg. We must embrace the relationship and out of that relationship like I said earlier a lot of good things will follow.

  • Sheila R. Johnson

    Hi Davida, I appreciate your post. It is great to hear/ read how you build your relationships and keep an eye open for possibilities to garner a sale. I agree that your approach is more helpful by being genuine about the person and offering a solution to their problem, but not pushing it. Our ultimate goal as God’s daughters and vessels is to keep the ministry mindset and nurture the growing bond.

    • Davida Yemi-Akanle

      Of course we are looking to close sales however we don’t want to be transactional in our thinking. We want to think of the long-term value of the relationship. It is more beneficial for both parties. I believe in marketing we create a win-win situation.

  • Amy Hagerup

    Davida, This is totally the way that I operate too. You articulated it very well for both of us. Thanks for always adding value.

    • Davida Yemi-Akanle

      Thank you Amy! :)